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hello ear.

rekorder studios stages and designs audio for film, TV, cinema, corporate communications and advertising. our services include voice production, sound design, music, 360° VR sound, podcasts, reports & high quality dubbing/ADR.

rekorder studios is open for new ideas, paths, talents, demanding customers and pioneering technologies. The new 360° VR Studio is far and wide one of the first with a three-dimensional loudspeaker environment. 

Seeing with the ears? Combining senses, merging impressions. rekorder studios turn sounds into unforgettable pictures. Pictures that are heard and remembered.

we. independent.

The idea behind rekorder studios arose from talent, a fine sense of hearing, the ability to discern, to listen between the lines, to emphasise, to amplify and to bring ideas and products to life with precisely arranged sounds.

We are rekorder studios – an independent owner-managed audio post production that takes the liberty to combine time, experience and know-how with the latest technologies for each production. For rekorder studios, quality is not an end in itself, but the means to reach the communicative goals of their customers as well as partners.

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