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Discovering gifted vocalists. is a universe made up of narrator voices, actors, language, culture, words, characters and talent. 

Discovered and selected for you. is our treasure. Choose the voice that suits your production. We have an up-to-date international gene pool of the most famous voices, new real talents and vocal sensations.

Our online database serves as an inspiration or for quick decisions.

exclusive castings.

Precise voice selection with convincing samples according to your briefing is a matter of course for us.

Whether it is street casting with authentic characters, celebrities, dialects or global distribution in tens of languages. Through our worldwide network of voice specialists, you can be sure that only genuine natives and convincing voices are at work.

Equally important to us is an individual consultation on the best price-performance ratio when it comes to exploitation rights. That is easy on your budget and saves your nerves.

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• Easy orientation via our colour system.
• Make a selection via the voice box and send an inquiry.
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• Individual casting after the briefing.
• Top advice on fees and exploitation rights.
• Recording possibilities with convenient live worldwide broadcasts.
• Payment of the levy according to the artists' social insurance law (Germany)

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